Nothing helps current and future managers understand the complexities of critical issues better than case studies. Digitalization Cases Vol. 2 offers 20 outstanding cases about companies and governmental agencies around the globe to help students and practitioners explore the challenges and opportunities they may face, and the alternatives others have made, about digital disruption, business and transformation.

Dr. Keri Pearlson, Executive Director of Cybersecurity, MIT Sloan Research Consortium


While the intensity of discussions about digital transformation has significantly increased through the COVID-19 pandemic, the topic too often remains on an abstract or buzzword level. The 2nd volume of Digitalization Cases brings these discussions back on the ground and delivers actionable insights. The presented cases help to reflect own activities and initiatives and inspires new ones. It’s a great resource and a must-read for everyone interested in digital transformation.

Dr. Thomas Mannmeusel, Executive Vice President Global Process Excellence & Group CIO, Webasto


Our CEO Satya Nadella said last year at the beginning of the pandemic: we have experienced 2 years of digitalization in 2 months. Since then I have spoken to so many customers, it is not a question of if, or even when. It is about the How! It is even more evident that organizations must transform to thrive in the digital economy and gain or regain a competitive edge to stay relevant. Digitalization Cases provides firsthand insights into the efforts of renowned companies. The presented actions, results, and lessons learned are a great inspiration for managers, students, and academics. This book gives real pointers on the how and where to start.

Anna Kopp, Head of IT Germany, Microsoft


The second volume of Digitalization Cases is a successful continuation. The book offers many interesting starting points for practitioners, but also points of departure for future research. A great reading for all interested in real digitalization cases.

 Dr. Quirin Görz, Chief Information Officer, KUKA


Almost every organization is trying to figure out how best to respond to the opportunities and threats posed by digitalization. This book provides valuable lessons from those organizations that have already begun their digital transformation journey.

Michael D. Myers, PhD, Professor of Information Systems, University of Auckland


Following a mature digitalization strategy in organizations is a key factor for the development and facilitation of new business models, business growth and future mode of business operations. Active Business-IT alignment and organizational setup change skillsets, toolset, and mindset and sustainably support digital transformation. The 2nd volume of Digitalization Cases represents a real eye-opener by providing most valuable cases in different countries and sectors based on academic research and domain experience.

Robert Mayer, Head of IT Central & Eastern Europe, Fujitsu


Digitalization is like New Year’s resolutions: Everyone talks about it, but little is known about how to get started. By providing a highly diverse set of examples, the 2nd volume of Digitalization Cases gives you an idea of how to set off your digital transformation – no matter where you currently stand.

Melanie Kehr, Member of the Executive Board, KfW Group


Digital transformation is advancing at breathtaking speed, leaving no business model untouched. Hence, the close interlocking of business success and IT is the core element of our time. Publications like this help decision-makers to benefit from the wealth of experience of others. With the 20 international and cross-sector cases from the automotive to the insurance industry, this book provides insights into multifaced digital challenges and contributes to a successful macrosocial digitalization.

Dr. Axel Schell, Chief Technology Officer, Allianz Deutschland


Digitalization puts the customer in the center and requires well thought through end-to-end processes, and an intelligent enterprise architecture approach to sustainably meet and exceed customer expectations. This book is a great source of inspiration as it showcases how different actors tackled this challenge. I can only recommend this book to every practitioner before engaging in digitization initiatives.

Dr. Martin Petry, CIO and Head of Business Excellence, Hilti Corporation


The cases compiled in the second volume of Digitalization Cases show how digital disruption can be actively managed. Further, long-term insights from extended success stories of the first volume highlight that courage to change pays off well. This book serves as a motivation for many organizations to drive their digital transformation journeys proactively.

Dr. Markus Richter, State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community and Federal Government Commissioner for Information Technology, Federal Republic of Germany