Teaching on digitalization needs real-life-cases. In this book you can find them – 21 interesting cases on different industries and important emerging technologies!

Thomas Hess, Professor of Information Systems and New Media, LMU Munich


Digitalization is reshaping business on a global scale, and it is evident that organizations must transform to thrive in the digital economy. Digitalization Cases provides first-hand insights into the efforts of renowned companies. The presented actions, results, and lessons learned are a great inspiration for managers, students, and academics.

Anna Kopp, Head of IT Germany, Microsoft


Understanding digitalization in all its facets requires knowledge about its opportunities and challenges in different contexts. Providing 21 cases from different companies all around the world, Digitalization Cases makes an important contribution toward the comprehensibility of digitalization – from a practical and a scientific point of view.

Dorothy Leidner, Ferguson Professor of Information Systems, Baylor University


For the corporate world, digitalization is a challenge and an opportunity at the same time. Companies that want to succeed in the digital age need to realize the benefits of emerging technologies, develop new business models, and transform themselves internally as well as in their interaction with customers, partners, and suppliers. This publication stands out by providing well-structured cases, that are academically sound and highly business relevant with tangible results. Recommended reading for everyone who is responsible for digitalization in companies.

Helmuth Ludwig, Global Head of Information Technology, Siemens


This is a must-read volume for anyone with an interest in how opportunities shaped by digital technologies are being embraced by organizations from different industries. By structuring each case study into situation faced, actions taken, results achieved and lessons learned, the compendium provides an accessible and valuable resource for executives looking to take their organizations on a digital transformation journey.

Joe Peppard, Principal Research Scientist, Center for Information Systems Research, MIT Sloan School of Management


This book is a great source of inspiration and insight on how to drive digitalization. It shows easy to understand good practice examples which illustrate opportunities and at the same time helps to learn what needs to be done to realize them. I consider this book a must-read for every practitioner who cares about digitalization.

Martin Petry, Chief Information Officer and Head of Business Excellence, Hilti


In the fast-paced digital economy, we need to reflect, consolidate, and collectively learn for meaningful progression. This outstanding book provides 21 carefully selected cross-sector cases to offer not only these much-needed learning experiences, but also the evidence that makes these insights credible.

Michael Rosemann, Professor for Information Systems, Queensland University of Technology


This book shows in an outstanding clarity the already ongoing changes due to digitalization. It becomes clear that disruption is manageable through actively driven digitalization. In practice, however, disruption will primarily affect those who show themselves to be passive. The cases presented in this book underline that courage to change is the requirement of practice.

Markus Richter, Chief Information Officer, German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees


Practically all organizations today recognize the need to respond to digital opportunities and threats. Yet, they struggle to know how to react. Part of the problem is that there are so few good examples for them to learn from. Digitalization Cases provides a wealth of detailed and rigorous case studies presented in a consistent format across different countries and industries. The book is a great resource for anyone who wishes to understand the deep mechanics of digital transformation.

Michael Wade, Professor of Innovation and Strategy, IMD Lausanne


Today, digitalization entails significant challenges for companies across all industries. To succeed in a fast-changing environment, they must transform existing work routines, processes, and structures. Including a number of detailed case studies, Digitalization Cases provides insights in real-world projects that handle digitalization in different ways. Considering various countries and industries, the book serves as an excellent compilation for understanding the complexity and diversity of digitalization.

Thomas Wölker, Chief Information Officer, REHAU