Foreword and Preface


Kalle Lyytinen


Nils Urbach, Maximilian Röglinger, Rose Alinda Alias, Karlheinz Kautz, Carol Saunders and Martin Wiener



Introduction to Digitalization Cases Vol. 2: Mastering Digital Transformation for Global Business

Nils Urbach, Maximilian Röglinger, Rose Alinda Alias, Karlheinz Kautz, Carol Saunders and Martin Wiener


Part II   Digital Disruption

Enabling the Digitalization of Claim Management in the Insurance Value Chain through AI-based Prototypes: the ELIS Innovation Hub Approach

Alessandra Andreozzi, Lorenzo Riccardi Celsi and Antonella Martini

Invoice Automation: Increasing Efficiency in the Office at Satherm GmbH Using Artificial Intelligence

Martin Danner, Björn Maurer, Svea Schuh, Tobias Greff and Dr. Dirk Werth

Digitalization of Manufacturing Processes with Startup Collaboration: Arçelik developing a Digital Twin with Simularge

Nihan Yıldırım, Deniz Tunçalp, Gizem Gökçer, Yiğit Konuşkan, Mehmet İnan, Oğuz Yasin, Büryan Apaçoğlu-Turan, Erhan Turan, Ömer Faruk Özer and Vügar Kerimoğlu

Using Blockchain to Coordinate Federal Processes: The Case of Germany’s Federal Office for Migration and Refugees

Julia Amend, Christopher van Dun, Gilbert Fridgen, Franziska Köhler, Alexander Rieger, Alexander Stohr and Annette Wenninger

Breaking Down Barriers with Digital Technology: Reimagining Chronic Care by Empowering Paramedics

Kathryn Brohman and Richard Whittaker

Enabling Digital Transformation through Cognitive Robotic Process Automation at Deutsche Telekom Service Europe

Christian Czarnecki, Chin-Gi Hong, Manfred Schmitz and Christian Dietze


Part II   Digital Business

Huawei: An Exceptional Example of Customer-Centered, Collaborative, and Decentralized Practices in the Telecommunication Industry

Ricardo Guerrero, Christoph Lattemann and Simon Michalke

Facing Digitalization in the Insurance Industry: The InsurTech Case of DEVK

Sara Schiffer and Jan Stockhinger

How RAPS Spiced Up the German Butcher’s Trade: Introduction of Digital Services to a Non-Digital Industry

Karsten Glismann, Jan Jöhnk, Wolfgang Kratsch, Niclas Nüske and Fabian Schmied

Digital Transformation of the Automotive Industry through Collaboration Hubs: The Development of Mobility X Lab to Source Startups through Matchmaking

Anders Hjalmarsson Jordanius, Gustaf Juell-Skielse and Hanna Rydehell

A Two-sided Approach for Digital Innovation at SCHOTT: Combining Resource- and Problem-Oriented Innovation Methods for Digital Service Development

Anna Maria Oberländer, Bastian Stahl, Laura Watkowski, Sabrina Braadtand Peter Scherer

LOHMAR | DIGITAL | FOR EVERYONE: The Development Process of a Digital Strategy and its Fields of Action in Lohmar

Cindy Schaefer, Kristina Lemmer, Stephan Weber, Philipp Kukula and Bjoern Niehaves


Part III Digital Transformation

Approaching Digitalization at an SME Manufacturing Service Provider: Customers at the Heart of Listemann’s Digitalization Strategy

Michael Reiner Kamm, Charlotte Wehking, Lena Franziska Kaiser, Markus Otto and Jan vom Brocke

Digitalizing Water Bill Payments: Introduction of Change Management at Ghana Water Company Limited

Ransford Mensah, Aileen Cater-Steel and Mark Toleman

Impact of the Digital Transformation on the Transformation of the Workforce: A Methodical Approach by the Example of the Technical Development of a German Automotive Manufacturer

Nils Schaupensteiner, Sophia González and Judith Borgmann

The Springest Story: How IT Enables Holacratic Organizations

Bastian Wurm, Reinald Minnaar, Jan Mendling, Matt Hallmann, Saimir Bala, Waldemar Kremser and Erik Strauss

Digital Kaizen at FPT Software: Principles and Practices for Digital Transformations

Duy Dang-Pham, Ai-Phuong Hoang, Diem-Trang Vo and Quang Tran Duc Tri

Cultivating Digital Transformation at Arcadis: A Global Expedition into the Digital Universe

Lieselot Danneels, Stijn Viaene, Joachim Van den Bergh and Carolyn Moore

Becoming a Data-Driven Company: How medi Has Laid the Foundations

Christoph Buck, Christopher van Dun, Rocco Huber, Jan Jöhnk and Markus Birkel

Governance for a Multi-National ERP Program in a Decentralized Organization: How Arbonia Doors Set Up a “Glocal” Governance Enabling Both Local Differentiation and Global Consistency

Caroline Kiselev and Patrick Langenegger